About Us

Headquartered in Montreal, Salsissimus Logistique et Commerce Inc. is your full service trucking company providing solutions that specialize in freight shipping and trucking transport throughout the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

We guarantee fast dependable service in Ontario and Quebec. Our industry advantage is a highly skilled customer focused logistics team, including our courteous truck drivers as well as a modern energy efficient fleet of transport trucks and trailers.”


“We are committed to providing deliveries on time with competitive prices and service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer trucking and transport services on Ontario and Quebec.

Shipment is the active movement of the product throughout the logistics process. Freight is the actual product itself.

Exact weight is recommended and will ensure that the trailer is not loaded too heavy for safe travel and or be subject to regulatory fines.

Packing depends on the product, but the best practice is to have it packaged and placed on a standard 40×48-inch pallet and shrink wrapped for safe travels. This method will also make loading and unloading easier saving time and money.

We guarantee within 24 hours, but typically we will provide a quote within 1 hour. Reach out for your quote!

Yes, Please reach out and we will get back to you even after business hours.

A full truckload is determined by both weight and volume.

Less than truckload (LTL) refers to shipping goods that don’t require an entire truck. We offer dedicated line hauls for LTL or we combine shipments to give you lower rates and faster delivery times.
A full truckload (FTL) refers to shipments that need an entire truck’s capacity. We can directly transport large shipments with our FTL services if your shipment is big enough to fill a trailer.

We can haul pretty much any freight that our equipment will legally allow us to haul safely. Talk with our shipping specialists for specifics.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?